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Student Testimonials

Here are a few testimonials from some of our students over the years. If you are interested in contacting someone for a reference, please, use the e-mail links below (where are provided).

Testimonials from students who have taken The Basic Microsurgery Course:


This was a fantastic course and so fun to watch my skills improve! Starting off wobbly and finishing with a little more finesse, I also made some international friends! I loved this experience.

-Christa F., Ontario



Wow, what a challenging, frustrating and rewarding week! From tearing my hair out on Monday, I never thought I could achieve the level I got to by the end of the course.

-Aoife H., Melbourne, Australia



I really enjoyed this week, having fun under the microscope and at the same time exchanging different surgical experiences.

-Jose R., Chile



This was an excellent experience and an outstanding course. Definitely worth the trip…

-Sarah Y., Sydney, Australia



I never would have thought I would feel so much more comfortable with microsurgery after only a week. It was an invaluable experience for my future.

-Beverlie T., Boston, Massachussetts



Learned more microsurgery this week than in five years of residency.

-Jay S., Philadelphia



As I begin my microvascular fellowship I will always remember my success began right here”

-Steven J C., Maryland



I look forward to trying out these skills soon and can’t wait to attend another course in the future.

-Ruth T., Ireland




I’m pretty sure I’m going to use this knowledge and remember it in every surgery I’m going to handle.

-Denessi M., Ecuador



Thank you so much for the great course and great time.

-Mohammed N., Saudi Arabia




Absolutely amazing course! And also lots of fun!                                                                    -Alexander D., Switzerland




To successfully perform a free flap, when only five days prior I’d never done microsurgery, is a testament to the amazing teaching.

-Shane J., Melbourne, Australia



I have learned so much and found the course one of the best technical courses I have attended.

-  Adam B., New Zealand


To make it short, I’ve been to several hands on courses for different reasons but this one I feel is the most beneficial and rewarding one ever.

- Mohammed A., Saudi Arabia

Thanks for the remarkable lab experience. With this, I’m positive you will soon be partially responsible for the creation of many babies (human babies… not rat babies). The confidence I gained with my microsurgical skills will serve me and my patients well in the future.

- Joe E., Wisconsin

I really had a great time at your lab; I learned a lot more than I expected and the course truly exceeded my expectations. I’m pretty sure we’ll meet soon at the advanced course with some of my friends.

- Daniela V., Costa Rica

Thank you for a fantastic week. Although microsurgery was very frustrating at times, I have learnt so much and improved more than I thought possible. Thank you for your patience and I hope to work with you further in the future.

- Emma S., Melbourne, Australia

The course was great! It was more than I expected and of course it will improve my clinical practice. I feel a lot of confidence in comparison from the beginning. I recommend the course and I will do the advanced course, thank you!

- Rilldato A., Mexico

It was a great course, gathered a lot of experience and I feel well prepared for microsurgical projects in both research and clinical practice. Especially I want to thank Yelena for her great teaching and assistance!

- Sebastian F., Germany

Thank you very much for all your time and tips to achieve all of our goals with the advanced microsurgery course. Thank you for your energy and pushing us forward to do more and harder techniques. Now I feel your lab as home.

- Rodrigo F., Chile

Thank you so much for this great course! I really learned a lot thanks to your encouraging approach and tips and tricks. My first free-flap survived in the animal, hopefully I will finish my first in a human soon.

- Eva V., The Netherlands

It was an outstanding course and a very precise work. I did not think or even imagine that I can do what I have done or learned from you besides your awesome personality. Looking forward to see you soon in an advanced course. Microsurgery was my dream and you made my dream to start to come true.

- Ahmed E., Egypt

Thank you very much for a GREAT course. We had a lot of fun! You are a great teacher. Come and visit us some day!

-Andreas S., Norway

Thanks for a great intro to microvascular surgery. I am ready to start fellowship training.

- Nick P., Miami, FL

Thank you for this week, I will never forget you for sure and I had an amazing experience. I really hope I can come back some day. I think I will hear your voice for at least a while.

- Leila A. Sweden

Muchos gracias! Excellent, thank you so much. I really learned a lot and improved on my basic skills. For sure I will use all the tips you showed me.

- Rodolfo I. Santiago, Chile

Sad that the course is over but happy I can go back to drinking coffee.

- Dan M., New York

It’s been a great week. I learned so much! Now I will always think of you when I perform microsurgery.

- Michael L., Boston, MA

Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and skills. I learned heaps! Will keep on practicing and hopefully see you again in the future.

- Sarah P., Ireland

Thanks so much for a great experience, for your teaching and kindness. This week really helped a ton and will be invaluable in my practice.

-Ben C., Salt Lake City, Utah

What a great course! My confidence and skills really improved. Keep up the good work.

- Spencer S., Boston, MA

Thank you very much for a great week. This will provide a great base on which to build my microsurgical practice. Wish I could do some more.

- Richard T., UK

Thank you so much! This was indeed humbling but I’m amazed of the progress that was made with each exercise. And the added confidence (fine motor skills) the course gave me is invaluable. Looking forward to putting it in practice and advanced microsurgery next year!

- Liza J., South Africa

This microsurgery course has been beyond expectations! I’ve learned so much! I will recommend it to all my Norwegian colleagues.

- Thomas W., Oslo, Norway

Thanks for a good course. Very hard but rewarding in the end. Even managed a free flap!

- Johan B., Sweden

Dear Yelena, I just wanted to give thanks for all the things you have been teaching me this week, you stressed me a bit during my "vacation' but it was worth it. I will highly recommend this course.

— David S., Mexico

Yelena, thank you for a great week, it was humbling experience and I feel that I learned this week more than any other week of residency with your guidance and teaching

— John B., Hand fellow, CA

Thank you for a great experience and skills that I learned with your guidance and constructive teaching.

— Osama A., Saudi Arabia

Thank you Yelena for the excellent course! From a rubber glove to a free flap in 5 days!!

— Nora and Paivi, Finland

Yelena, thank you very much for a really great week here in your fantastic lab! Hand-on practice for us was very very important before staring DIEP surgery next week. Appreciate your patience and great personality-really great!!

— Christian T., and Pak K., Norway

It was a really great pleasure being your student in this amazing microsurgery course. You have made a great difference in my life with only a week of teaching and learning.

— Carlos L, ENT, Honduras

Yelena, thank you so much for really enjoyable + challenging week! Your teaching style was perfect for this challenging field! The experience I gained was so useful and I hope to get to use the skills I learned soon

— David J., Edinburg, Scotland

Yelena, Thank you very much! It was a great week and I enjoying studying here where I learned great skills with care and patience.

— Oren G., Israel

Dear Yelena, You are best instructor one can ask for the microsurgery training. Thank you for all your advice and critiques, you made me from bad to much better and I'm very grateful for everything.

— Mehrnoosh Sh., Stockholm, Sweden

Yelena, thank you for your guidance but also for letting us to work through our own problems and issues. This course will help immensely in my upcoming fellowship and future career. Really appreciate it

— Chris C., Hand Fellow, Boston, MA

Yelena, this was a great course, although very tedious at times. I now have tremendous respect and admiration for micro-surgeons. Hope to return in 2 years so I can master the advanced techniques.

— Evelyn B., Plastics, Switzerland

Yelena, thank you very much for your patience and teaching. It was a great course and I will recommend it to everybody.

— Marco T., Orthopedics, Brazil

Yelena, Thank you so much for all your help! I absolutely loved the course, feel like it also improved my macro-surgery skills as well. The atmosphere was fantastic and I learned more than I can write here.

— Masha s., Plastic Surgery, London, UK

Dear Yelena, thank you for an amazing week, we all had a wonderful time, laughing and learning at the same time. We could not believe how much we would do for such short time.

— Maria, Plastics, Efthymis, Dimos, Greece

Yelena, words can't describe how grateful I'm to you for what you've taught me. You've taught me basics of microsurgery but more importantly you taught me Patience! I appreciate your engorgement, laughter and you time. I look forward to apply the skills you're taught me in OR.

— Monique R, DPM, NYHQ, NY

Dear Yelena, Thank you so much for a teaching me basic microsurgery! I truly believe that those rats will save many my future patients.

— Viola O., Plastic Surgery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Dear Yelena, Thanks so much for all your help and instruction this week, you brought my micro skills from worst to.. well much much better! 

— Peter. D. St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Hand fellow, NYC

Yelena, I really enjoyed the course the course and you have opened my mind about microsurgery. There is not just one techniques, there just have to find your way, doing well, safe and gently. Practice, practice and practice…

— Raquel V., Oral and Maxiofacial Surgery, Valencia, Spain

Yelena, thank you so much for your help and patience! This is a great course and will be sure to recommended it to all those who needs a microsurgery skills.

— Carolyn Y., Orthopedic Surgeon , Univ of Kansas

Yelena, thanks so much for the great instructions, I wish I could have stayed longer, I feel much better about starting my fellowship now.

— Nathan L, Hand Fellow, Forth Worth, TX

Yelena, Great course, great teaching and little rats great too. Had a good week, have learned lots and looking forward to putting it all to use in clinical practice.

— Nabeela A., Maxiofacial and Plastic Surgery, London, UK

Dear Yelena, I really appreciate the effort  you put on teaching me the skills of such challenging course. You are truly a great teacher with all of the patience required to make the worst became better.

— Beatriz K., Plastic Surgery, Mexico

Yelena, Thanks a lot for this fantastic course! This was great experience! You are an excellent teacher!

— Georgios D., Plastic Surgery, Hospital of Sion, Switzeland

Dear Yelena, Thank you for a wonderful course and very pleasant week. I have learned a lot just for a week and will certainly send more residents from Uppsala!

— Daniel S., Plastic Surgery, Uppsala, Sweden

Yelena, It was a very nice and fun time for me, Thank you for your interest during both basic and advanced courses.

— Sinan O., Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery, Istanbul, Turkey

Yelena, Thank you for your great teaching and I’ll try to come back for more.

— Max T., Orthopaedic Surgeon, Montreal, Canada

Yelena, Thank you so much. That was an awesome course and it was great time in NYC. Perfect format for the course and excellent instructions.

— Charley S. MD, Hand Fellow, Salt Lake City, UT

Yelena, Thanks for all your help. I’ve learned a lot in a short period time. It was definitely time well spent. My residents will be coming next year.

— Jeff R., MD, Director, Oto-HNS ARMC, CA

Yelena, I really enjoyed the fantastic experience. I have never thought I would be able to accomplish all those fantastic skills. I enjoyed working with you and also conversations with my classmates. I’ll do my best to fix some happy animals with those skills.

— Kim C, DVM, Animal Medical Center, NYC

Dear Yelena, When I first came I was so afraid, but you made things easy for me and I really enjoyed coming here. I believe I have become a better surgeon now knowing new techniques.

— Claudia P. MD, Breast Reconstructive Microsurgeon, Chile

Dear Yelena, Thank you very much for your patience and excellent guidance. I will definitely remember this experience and use the techniques and skills I have learned in my surgical cases.

— Diana G., DPM, Podiatry Resident, Wyckoff Hospital, NY

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